83-Year-Old Rapper Kwayzar Performs with Pentatonix [EXCLUSIVE]

83-year-old rapper Kwayzar performs his YouTube hit "I Can Still Do It" live at What's Trending studios. SUBSCRIBE for more exclusives from your YouTube favorites:
Kwayzar may be old, but he's still got swag for DAYS. After being popularized by Reddit, his song "I Can Still Do It" has taken the Internet by storm. Now, Kwayzar performs his hit LIVE with beat-boxing courtesy of Kevin from the a capella group Pentatonix. Plus he talks about how he got into the rap game (Ice Cube was a big influence) and his reaction to newfound online infamy. You'll never look at an 83-year-old man the same way again.

Check out the original "I Can Still Do It":
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